Radiant Mamas Disclaimer



These are my personal opinions and whilst they are backed up by 12 years of experience, rigorous training, consultations with midwife colleagues and feedback from the Mums I have worked with, they should never take preference over the medical advice of your healthcare professional.


I am offering my heartfelt advice, which sometimes may seem contrary to that of your midwife, consultant, ob/gyn, doctor, mother/mother-in-law and even your hairdresser. We all need to work together, and we all have the best interests of you and your baby at heart.


My aim is to give you options, information and a deeper understanding of pregnancy and birth, which can then lead to open and honest discussions with your healthcare team to give you the choices you deserve.


Do not undertake any of the recommendations, practices or advice on this website if there are any underlying medical reasons. Always seek professional advice if in doubt.



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