It all starts with you. And the seed you planted – growing and developing cell by cell, day by day.

Big changes are taking place in your body.

Strange sensations start to emerge. Pains appear from nowhere. Parts of your body that you wouldn’t associate with pregnancy begin to ache, pull, cramp, swell.

You worry if it’s normal. It usually is….. The hormonal changes occuring affect EVERY system in your body.

So I’ve put together information and solutions for you that covers most of these niggles. You’d be surprised how easy it is easy to get rid of them.

I KNOW that you want a healthy, stress-free pregnancy. And here’s where you can start……

Stress-free healthy pregnancy
Natural Birth with


So, how are you feeling about giving birth? Are you planning a Natural Birth?

Do you know what to expect?

Do you feel ready? Prepared? Is your Birth Partner prepared?

Are you prepared with tools and techniques to make your Birth easier?

Have you thought about Birthing Positions, Movements for Contractions and Breathing for Pain Relief?

There’s a lot to learn, a lot to take in, a lot of choices, and a lot to think about. I’ve got you covered……….

Top Ten Essentials for a calmer, easier natural birth

What are THE most important things for an easier, calmer, and quicker natural birth?

Download our free 25 page guide on BIRTH ESSENTIALS, and find out the TOP TEN things you need to know and do to prepare for the birth of your Baby.


The most important part.

This is why you are here.

This is your reward for 9 months of aches and pains, several hours of potential labour, and possibly some stretch-marks/stiches too.

You just KNOW that it was all worth it.

Now it’s time to step into your new shoes as a new Mama (or an experienced one!)

And if you want to have some fun, bonding experiences with your baby, or learn how to deal with the post-natal fallout, then I’ve got you covered here too…….

Joyful mamas with

What do you need to do now?……….

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